SKI - Elena Thomsen-Milakova

Elena Thomsen-Milakova entre au "Hall of Fame" de la fédération internationale de Ski nautique et Wakeboard.

La Fédération Suisse félicite Elena pour cette nomination prestigieuse !!!

Elena Thomsen skie toujours à haut niveau et elle a gagné entre autre en 2022, l'or en figures, saut et combiné et l'argent en slalom en 45+ au championnats du monde !!!

Biography in Open Category : 
Elena is a 5 Time World Champion and 6 Time European Champion. She has won 18 World and European Medals including 11 Gold, 6 Silver and 1 Bronze, and has achieved 16 World and European Records.

Having grown up in Rybinsk, a military town surrounded by wooden villages and falling just outside the periphery of the greater region of Moscow, Elena has always pursued her ambition.“Water skiing plays such a big role in my life. I’ve been skiing since I was ten. In Russia, we ski in a swimming pool during the winter. That’s how I started. In my heart, I was always competitive, and my dream was to be involved in sport at a serious level.”Her goal was to become a World Champion. 14 years later the dream became reality, and she won her first World Championship title in Colombia, 1997. She defended her title two years later in Milano.

At the age of 28, Elena is travelling as a professional athlete and has made Switzerland her home since 1991. She spends most of her time doing competitions around the globe and trains in Spain with Xavi Mill, one of the most talented coaches in Europe today. She takes pride in being an example for the younger generation. Her optimism and fearlessness are well respected by the up-and-coming talent. She stopped her professional water ski career in 2009 participating in her last European Championship in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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Official IWWF communication :

9 December 2022

The IWWF International Hall of Fame, the Pinnacle of awards. This award recognizes, appreciates, and understands the incredible contribution each recipient has made to their discipline, their community, their clubs, federations, confederations, the World and the IWWF.

The IWWF is pleased to announce the 2023 IWWF International Hall of Fame inductees:

o Ann O’Brine-Satterfield (USA) – ATHLETE – Disabled Ski
o Royce Andes (USA) – PIONEER – Disabled Ski
o Steve Simmonds (Australia) – ATHLETE – Disabled Ski
o Elizabeth Hobbs (Great Britain) – ATHLETE –Racing
o Leanne Brown (Australia) – ATHLETE –Racing
o Dusty Schulz (USA) – OFFICIAL – Racing
o Cathy Williams (USA) – PIONEER – Wakeboard
o Dallas Friday (USA) – ATHLETE – Wakeboard
o Janifer Ellis (USA) – OFFICIAL – Wakeboard
o Elena Thomsen-Milakova (Switzerland) – ATHLETE – Waterski
o Masako Yamaguchi (Japan) – OFFICIAL – Waterski
o Jorge Renosto (Argentina) – PIONEER - Waterski

Details of their outstanding achievements can be found here.

Congratulations to all inductees!

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