WAKESURF - Swiss Tour #2 in Lachen

Great wakesurf competition in Lachen...

Despite the morning rain, what a great day & great comp in Lachen !
Congrats to everyone (all the staff, volunteers, riders…) and thanks to Shoreline Watersports for the amazing welcoming!

Full results coming soon.

Junior Girls Skim
🥇 Nadia Seligman
🥈 Emma Suchet
🥉 Xymena Lampert

Open Women Skim
🥇 Viola Tami
🥈 Rachy Leikela
🥉 Katerina Stary

Open Women Surf
🥇 Katerina Stary
🥈 Rachy Leikela
🥉 Carole Winter

Open Men Skim
🥇 Olivier Scokaert
🥈 Mike Kunz
🥉 Tim Reibenschuh

Open Men Surf
🥇 Mike Kunz
🥈 Thibaut L’eplattenier
🥉 Matia Erba