WAKEBOARD BOAT - 2023 European Wakeboard Champ

04.11.2023 - Day 4 : Final days

đŸ„ˆ Sascha GATTIKER in 30&O (WBA)
đŸ„ˆ Roger THOMMEN in 50&O (WFY)
đŸ„‰ Sam LUTZ in 40&O (WBA)

Iris PRELORENTZOU (WFY) : 4th in Open women
Amandine MURBACH (SNG) : 5th in Juniors girls
Valentin MURBACH (SNG) : 5th in Juniors boys

Team SUI take the 5th place out of 10 nations.

Congratulations to all the team for your performances and a special thanks to Sascha for managing the team all week !!!
Thanks also to Delphine Murbach for her support and pictures.

03.11.2023 - Day 3  : Last Qualification days

After all qualifications : 

6 riders qualified for saturay's finals (check the schedule): 
18&U women : Amandine MURBACH (SNG)
18&U men : Valentin MURBACH (SNG)
Open women : Iris PRELORENTZOU (WFY)
30&O men : Sascha GATTIKER (WBA)
40&O men : Sam LUTZ (WBA)
50&O men: Roger THOMMEN (WFY)

Finish in semi final : 
U14 boys : Finn MEESSEMAN (WBA)

Finish in LCQ : 
14&U boys : Jah BUEHLER (WBA)
Junior men : Luc BAIER (WBA)
Open men : Jerome FORE (WFY)
Open men : Lione ROCH (SNG)

31.10.2023 - DAY 0 - European Wakeboard Boat Championnats - 01-04 november 2023 - Partinico, Sicily, Italy

the Swiss Team is composed by 11 riders : 
Team Captain : Sascha GATTIKER
Team :

14&U Team BÜHLER Jah (WBA)
18&U Team BAIER Luc (WBA)
18&U Team MURBACH Amandine (SNG)
18&U Team MURBACH Valentin (SNG)
Open Team FORE Jeromé (WFY)
Open Team ROCH Lionel (SNG)
30&O Team GATTIKER Sascha (WBA)
40&O Team LUTZ Samuel (WBA)
50&O Indiv THOMMEN Roger (WFY)

We wish a nice tournament to our Team SUI !!!

Thanks to Delphine Murbach for all pictures...