WATERSKI - Euro Waterski U21 Champ

UPDATE 20.8.2023 - DAY 3 - European U21 Championships in Baurech, France.

Julie FAEH (WSMontreux) is European U21 champion !!!
After a "runoff" for the first place with Inès Anguenot (France) (Julie and Inès had both done 2 buoys at 11 meters), Julie won the slalom final of the U21 European Championships.
A huge congratulations to Julie for this gold medal !!!
U21 slalom women results >>>

A little earlier this morning, Nicolas FAEH (WSMontreux) finished 9th with 4 buoys at 11 meters. In the first year U21 this season, Nicolas had a great competition even if he hoped of course to enter the 10.75m. and claim a place on the podium.

Julie FAEH (WSMontreux) placed 7th in the figure finals with 3630 points.

Mara BURGE (WCCham) finished in 11th place with 2650 falling prematurely in her second run.

UPDATE 19.8.2023 - DAY 2 - European U21 Championships in Baurech, France.

Henri OLDORFF (WCCham), the only skier of the day, succeeds on his first run but unfortunately falls on his second trick on his second run and ends in 15th place with 3900 (only 12 were selected for the finals). 

Final tomorrow with first Nicolas in Slalom, just after his sister Julie in Slalom then in figure first Mara and after Julie!

UPDATE 18.8.2023 - DAY 1 - European U21 Championships in Baurech, France.

4 places in finals for the first day for 3 Swiss skiers.

Julie FAEH (WSMontreux) finished first in the preliminary with a great performance of 2 buoys at 11 meters. She is the only skier to enter the 11th, she will start as the last skier in Sunday's slalom final.
She also qualifies for the tricks final with a nice 5th place and 3850 points.
Mara BUERGE (WCCham) also advances to Sunday's tricks final with a fine score of 3490 points, which puts her in 9th place in the elimination rounds. In slalom, she is 22nd with 1.5 buoys at 13 meters.
Sina THOMSEN (CNVersoix) unfortunately finished at the door of the slalom final by placing himself in 14th place with a good performance of 4 buoys at 13m., her second best performance of the season.
Nicolas FAEH (WCCham) with 3.5 buoys at 11 meters is in 8th place in the heats and thus easy access to the slalom final on Sunday. Very regular at 2 buoys at 10.75m. during each competition this season, he is one of the favorite of the discipline since only 3 skiers entered the 10.75 during these elimination rounds.
Janni WOLFIBERG (CNVersoix) is in a respectable 21st place with 4 buoys at 12 meters.
Henri OLDORFF (WCCham) finished the slalom preliminaries in 32nd place with 1.5 buoys at 14 meters. Henri is a tricks specialist and will be skiing tomorrow morning for the qualifying rounds of this discipline.

Tomorrow morning around 10.30 am, Henri will try to qualify for the tricks final.

from August 18 to 20: European U21 Championships in Baurech, France.

With two members from Cham, Versoix and Montreux, the 6 skiers who make up the Swiss U21 team are :
- Mara BURGE (WasserskiClubCham) (slalom & tricks)
- Julie FAEH (WaterSportsMontreux)(slalom & tricks)
- Sina THOMSEN (ClubNautiqueVersoix) (slalom)
- Nicolas FAEH (WaterSportsMontreux) (slalom)
- Henri OLDORFF (WasserskiClubCham) (slalom & tricks)
- Janni WOLFISBERG (ClubNautiqueVersoix) (slalom)

With 72 skiers from 16 countries, the competition promises to be thrilling on this magnificent waterski lake in Baurech, which already saw the swiss medals shine last year with the euro seniors.

Good luck to everyone for this beautiful competition which promises to be sunny and not too windy according to the forecast...

The program is as follows:
Friday :

Slalom Mara : Serie 3 skier 4 —> ~ 8:15
Slalom Sina : Serie 2 skier 3 —> ~ 9:00
Slalom Julie : Serie 1 skier 11 —> ~10:30
Slalom Henri : Serie 3 skier 3 —> ~ 11h
Slalom Janni : Serie 3 skier 10 —> ~ 11:30
Slalom Nico : Serie 1 skier 3 —> ~ 13:00
Tricks Mara : Serie 2 skier 11 —> ~ 14:45
Tricks Julie : Serie 1 skier 2 —> ~ 15:00
Saturday :
Tricks Henri : Serie 1 skier 5 —> ~ 10:30

Finals on sunday.

Full schedule & live results here >>>